Monday, June 15, 2009

Conky twitter replies

Want twitter replies to show up in your conky display? Here is a quick way to accomplish that without installing any new modules.

$gedit $HOME/.conkyrc {or wherever your conky config file is located}
Under TEXT add
${rss 20 item_titles 4}

The format is your username, a colon, your password, an @ sign, and then the URL.
The "20 item_titles 4" portion indicates that the rss feed will update every 20 minutes, grabbing 4 item titles to display in conky.

I suggest keeping the update interval above 20 minutes. You only have 100 api requests per hour. This setup will take 5 of those. If you're using tweetdeck or other similar client and already up against your API limits it could affect the performance of these apps.

It goes without saying, but I will anyways, this puts your username and password out in clear text for anyone snooping your network (i.e. your laptop at starbucks). This is a huge security issue. There are other ways of accomplishing this (curl inside an sh script for one), but thought I would share this quick and dirty version.